My experience and skill set allow me to offer a wide range of support and services from hands-on complex technical troubleshooting to business management. If you have a specific or bespoke request, please just get in touch to discuss or connect with me on LinkedIn.

“Adam provided a first class security penetration engagement for us and provided our customer with the relevant information and recommendations to secure their network.”

CTO/Technical Management & Consulting

  • Interim/Part Time CTO
  • Technical Consultancy & Support
  • Technical Project Management/Technical Lead
  • Network/Security Architecture & Consulting

I’m a problem solver. I have over 10 years experience working with development teams, and I can lead your on-shore and off-shore projects through to completion. I draw on my experience to bring the impossible to life, as efficiently as possible.

I can also provide service on your behalf and under your brand to your Clients.

“[...] as security expert, he recommended best practices and easy to follow practical steps to address shortfalls discovered in his testing.” “All deliverables were delivered as promised on time and were value for money.”

Technical/Security & Professional Services

  • Scope and execute network and application penetration tests and vulnerability assessments
  • Full consultancy, support and training ensuring that your security testing results in real and practical business benefits
  • Pen testing code, web applications, systems and networks.

Tests are run intricately, manually and only using automated vulnerability scanners where appropriate. Your reports are personally and informatively written and not just recycled output from security testing software.

If you need development operations (devops) support, a code review, development, or network/systems administration support please contact me to discuss.

“The whole was a six figure project for which he provided the staff and project management. It should be praise enough to say that ‘if I had my time over, I would do the same again.’ Outstanding and highly recommended.”


Have your systems crashed or been security breached? Do you need an overhaul or a system wide upgrade? Are you looking at options? Contact me to see how I can help.

I also offer online and in-person training for tech and development teams in networking, security & secure programming.

As a guideline, I charge $170 USD or £95 GBP per hour and work very efficiently.