Security Testing

Penetration testing is one of our core services and the process that we use to test and successfully bypass security controls on a web application or network.

The aim of this security process is to identify weaknesses in the client’s systems by looking at your them as an attacker would.

We do this through a combination of security tools and our highly experienced and qualified testers.

We offer free initial consultations on the best type of testing to meet your business needs and mitigate the risk of a breach.

About Us

We have over 12 years experience in technical management and consultancy, web application development, and security testing. We combine our experience and qualifications with technology to provide real solutions, that meet real business goals, that result in a real increase in revenue.

Web Development

  • Since day 1, we’ve built a team of top tier programmers. We have a very low staff turnover rate and a very high repeat project rate.
  • We’ve built project management, accounting, code management and security tools, all to better serve our customers.
  • We’re efficient and responsive.
  • Our application code receives millions of daily hits across our customers web properties.
  • Combining our in-house skill and experience, off-shore development teams, and our bespoke project and application management tools, we deliver top quality work at affordable prices.

What People Say

Adam was responsible for the programming of our website and of our back office systems. The whole was a six figure project for which he provided the staff and project management. It should be praise enough to say that “if I had my time over, I would do the same again.” Outstanding and highly recommended.

Julian De Bosdari
Julian De BosdariManaging Director – Ashridge Trees Limited

Adam successfully carried out security ingress/egress testing on our Information Technology infrastructure and services. The resulting report and informative meetings raised the awareness at strategic and technical levels of our organisations overall security footprint.

In his capacity as security expert, he recommended best practices and easy to follow practical steps to address shortfalls discovered in his testing.

On a number of occasions the ICT department directed security related questions to Adam, which he answered promptly and accurately. All deliverables were delivered as promised on time and were value for money.

Working with Adam has gone beyond a business transaction; we have built a mutually beneficial business relationship. I wholeheartedly recommend Adam and his company for technical projects.

Garry Byrne
Garry ByrneAssistant Director of ICT at Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School

Adam possesses multiple qualities that individually would make him a great person to work with, but together make him great.

To start, he possesses great in depth knowledge on a wide variety of technology topics, allowing him to provide great insight and analysis into all areas of a project. He is up to date on the latest trends, especially when it comes to IT security, ensuring work is cutting edge and dependable. Most importantly, he is enjoyable, highly reliable, and deserving of the highest confidence. I am pleased to call him not only a partner, but a friend.

Levi Bergovoy
Levi BergovoyFounder – // Principal – LB Consulting

My firm has used IODigtalSec and Adam for several projects over the course of the last five years.

Adam’s biggest strength lies in his diversity of skills/background and on his customer service.

Our work experience with Adam has ranged from large PHP development projects to System Administration management and security over our website(s) and servers.

In all cases, Adam has demonstrated a high level of creativity and ingenuity in addressing complicated tasks/problems in an efficient and effective way.

I look forward to working with Adam on future projects.

Jim Varnon
Jim VarnonCEO, Hold’em Manager

I worked with Adam for an extended period of time. From the outset Adam is a man of his word, with utmost integrity, trust and loyalty – often achieves the impossible with a zealous no excuses approach.It was a real pleasure working with him. A talented IT professional, I recommend him without reservation and would be delighted to work with him again if necessary.

Levi Russell
Levi RussellCEO at Zonerider Networks

I’ve hired Adam for more projects than I can count. I’ve dropped projects on him with deadlines that were just insane. I recall one project where I think he slept something like 4 or 5 hours in as many days. He told me that learned to truly appreciate coffee during that project.

I had a lot of great experiences having him work for me. Adam and his team have always done top quality work, provided good documentation, and never missed a deadline in the nearly 3 years his company worked for me.

Joe McCray
Joe McCraySecurity Trainer & Consultant

The National Cycling Charity (CTC) engaged us to perform an external web application audit of their website. We provided the initial consultancy in discussing the best type of audit and methodology to suit the business requirements, before completing the auditing work on time and within budget.

A detailed and custom report was dispatched to CTC within 2 days, and followed up with a conference to ensure that CTC were pleased with the level of detail and that they fully understood the issues raised as well as how to implement an appropriate solution.

Alan Prizant, PM of CTC’s New Website Project, said “This was a well-constructed parcel of work from a very professional organisation. After studying the report we understood more thoroughly the issues raised, possible solutions and overall felt that the external web audit was a project that added significant value for a reasonable budget.”

Alan Prizant
Alan PrizantProject Manager, CTC

Adam has provided with us all our IT support and advice since the inception of our company and has given us a professional and efficient service throughout.

Simon Mann
Simon MannCEO, Augur Group

“Adam’s great strengths is his knowledge,expertise in penetration testing and his phenomenal work rate to get things done. I would hire him for my clients with no hesitation whatsoever”.

Jason Barracks
Jason BarracksOwner, Managing Director at Apps Connect Ltd

Very knowledgeable, very helpful and very professional. I am happy to recommend Adam to anyone.

Baz Thakur
Baz ThakurOwner, Havoc Design Studio

Adam has high level of expertise, integrity and is great to work with. Highly recommended.

Dr Senthil KumarCEO, V A C Media Ltd

Adam provided a first class security penetration engagement for Extreme Networks Professional Services and provided our customer with the relevant information and recommendations to secure their network.

John CookeSE Director for UK and Northern Europe at Extreme Networks

I have from the outset always found Adam to be extremely knowledgeable and someone who instills confidence with his thorough grasp of any IT problem we have ever confronted him with. I would also have no hesitation in referring him to friends or clients.

Joe CaneOwner, JM Cane, Accountants

Have used Adam on several projects with great results. Have recommended him to clients and they have all be praiseworthy of his skills and performance. Would not hesitate to recommend him again.

Warren PalmerOwner, WJ Palmer & Co

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